Are Blue Light Glasses Effective During Screen Time?

Are Blue Light Glasses Effective During Screen Time?

Are Blue Light Glasses Effective During Screen Time?

As people continue to understand the harmful effects of blue light, many desire to get effective treatment. Digital screens emit blue light, which many believe is detrimental to the eyes. Prolonged screen use can lead to symptoms such as headaches, blurry vision, poor sleep, and eyestrain. 

Many people are turning to blue light glasses to reduce the symptoms of digital eye syndrome. Manufacturers suggest that the glasses help filter out blue light. Here is more information on blue light glasses and if they are effective during screen time. 

Symptoms of Digital Eye Syndrome


Prolonged digital screen use can lead to digital eye syndrome. They include headaches, eyestrain, dry eyes, blurred vision, and neck or shoulder pain. 

The symptoms vary in intensity from one individual to the next. Factors contributing to the symptoms include poor lighting, posture, screen glare, and improper eye-to-screen distance. 

Are Blue Light Glasses Effective?


Computers, tablets, laptops, and smartphones emit shortwave blue light. The increased use of the devices that emit blue light has a relationship with increased vision problems. Blue light glasses filter out blue light. 

Their surface coatings or filtering materials help block some of the light. Some studies show that glasses are beneficial for improving sleep duration and quality. People who believe that their eye symptoms are due to blue light can wear glasses to reduce exposure. 

Ways to Avoid Eyestrain


Proper use of digital screens can help prevent eyestrain. Helpful tips include:

  • Keeping the digital screen at 25 inches (or arm length) away during use

  • Looking slightly downwards at the digital screen

  • Adjusting the lighting in the room to enhance comfort

  • Using artificial tears to keep the eyes moisturized

  • Using the 20-20-20 rule: look at an object 20 feet away for 20 seconds every 20 minutes

  • Using a screen filter

  • Wearing prescription eyeglasses when using a digital screen


The Popularity of Blue Light Glasses


Increased use of digital screens has seen an increase in the use of blue light glasses. Sales of the devices have skyrocketed since the pandemic. Eyewear companies are reporting increases of more than 100 percent. 

The surge continues as more people report the benefits of the glasses, and it is expected to continue. The benefits of the glasses include improved sleep, less eyestrain, and prevention of certain eye diseases. 

For more on how blue light glasses are effective during screen time, visit West Texas Eyecare at our Fort Stockton, Texas office. Call (432) 336-3662 or (432) 445-3662 to schedule an appointment today.

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