The Benefits of Low Vision Treatment

The Benefits of Low Vision Treatment

The Benefits of Low Vision Treatment

Many people avoid treatment for low vision because of the permanence of the situation. Yet, they can reap many benefits from treatment. Low vision treatment can optimize your residual vision and improve your visual functioning.

What is Low Vision?


Low vision is a condition characterized by an uncorrectable loss of sight. That means you can’t improve your vision with contact lenses, spectacles, or surgery. This condition does not constitute complete blindness. The patient still has some sight that can sometimes improve using visual aids.

Varying degrees of sight loss may show the severity of low vision. This can be having blind spots in your view, problems with glare, or a near-complete loss of sight. You may experience blurred or hazy vision, night blindness, and eye strain. Loss of central or peripheral vision can also be another symptom. You may have difficulty looking at digital screens, distinguishing colors, or identifying people.

Low Vision Diagnosis


Through a thorough eye exam, eye doctors can find the reason behind the condition. Glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts, diabetic retinopathy, and retinitis pigmentosa can cause low vision. Eye injuries are another cause as well. Children can also develop low vision because of childhood glaucoma and congenital cataracts.

An ophthalmologist conducts simple diagnostic tests using magnifiers and lighting. Doctors may also use special charts and ask you to read numbers and letters at different distances, both near and far. Your field of vision is also tested. These tests help to determine your visual field, visual acuity, and depth perception.

Low Vision Treatment


Low vision could be a sign of a severe eye disease that needs immediate medical attention. Catching these conditions early enough can control their progression and preserve your sight.

The best treatment and rehabilitation option for low vision is to get visual aids. Commonly prescribed visual aids are spectacle-mounted magnifiers, digital desktop magnifiers, and bioptic telescopes. Also, get assistive technology to simplify computer use, like text-to-speech and magnification features. Large-lettered printed material, reading prisms, hand magnifiers, and special light fixtures help too. Special eyewear can also help you with contrast problems and light sensitivity.

Benefits of Low Vision Treatment


Low vision treatment and rehabilitation enhance your functional vision. That means you can work and live with greater independence, efficiency, and safety. Optimize your remaining vision using a variety of aids and techniques that help you carry out your daily activities well. The treatment can improve the quality of your life.

Low vision treatment also helps preserve your residual vision. Your eye doctor will be keen to note any signs of a serious eye condition that would deteriorate your sight further. If caught early enough, the eye diseases can be treated, and this could preserve your eyesight.

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