5 Common Vision Therapy Myths and Facts

5 Common Vision Therapy Myths and Facts

5 Common Vision Therapy Myths and Facts

The American Ophthalmology Association encourages people to stick to the facts of eye care. Many people have formed and believed in many myths about vision therapy. It is important to find out the truth behind them to straighten out your eye care practices. Here are the details that you should know about the five common myths and facts about vision therapy. 

Myth 1: Carrots Can Improve Vision and Help You See in the Dark


Facts: Carrots have vitamin A. This nutrient is important in maintaining healthy eyesight. Your body needs a small amount of vitamin A to maintain good vision. Fish, brightly colored vegetables, dark leafy vegetables, and dairy are ideal sources of vitamin A. But eating them can only maintain your good eyesight. Doing so will not improve your vision. It will not prevent you from wearing contacts or eyeglasses. Eating these foods with fats can increase vitamin A absorption.

Eating many carrots each day cannot give you 20/20 vision. It will not help you see in a pitch-black room either. People deficient in vitamin A often suffer from vision loss and night blindness. Some people with eye conditions, such as early-stage macular degeneration, may take vitamin A supplements with other nutrients as treatment. You must only take vitamin A under the supervision of your eye doctor.

Myth 2: Wearing Prescription Eyeglasses Can Worsen Vision


Facts: Most people think this myth is true. This is because once a person starts to wear glasses, coming back for a new prescription always follows. Myopia tends to worsen over time. It depends on the individual wearing corrective eyeglasses as a child. Most people develop poor vision when they are in their 40s or 50s even with corrective eyewear. 

Myth 3: Old Age Leads to Vision Loss


Facts: Presbyopia tends to creep in as aging progresses. The condition makes it challenging to see near things. Eye conditions like presbyopia are treatable. That is why regular eye checkups are necessary as you age. Catching these eye ailments early can lead to early treatments. Once you reach 40, annual eye exams can help you maintain or save good eyesight.

Myth 4: Reading in Dim Light and Sitting Too Close to the TV Are Bad for Your Eyes


Facts: There is no scientific evidence that dim light causes damage to the eyes. Under dim lighting, your eyes may feel tired or work harder. But this does not cause permanent damage to your eyes. The same is true if you sit too close to the TV while watching. Children tend to sit very close to the TV because they find it comfortable to watch this way. 

Myth 5: Vision Loss May Result from Squinting


Facts: Squinting helps reduce the light that enters the pupil. This enables your eyes to sharpen the way you focus. Squinting is often a sign that vision is deteriorating or impaired. Prescription eyeglasses can help you see better if you have been squinting frequently lately. 

Knowing the facts behind the vision therapy myths can help you get the right treatment for your eye condition. It can even help prevent serious eye problems from occurring. At West Texas Eyecare, we guide our patients before, during, and after their procedures.

For more on vision therapy, visit West Texas Eyecare at our Pecos, Texas office. Call (432) 445-3662 to schedule an appointment today.

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